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  • DNA Testing is a useful tool to find out "Biological Relationship" between Child & Father. 
  • DNA Testing techniques are also used by USCIS to prove a Biological Relationship between a Child and Father.
  • If you are getting tested for immigration DNA, just make sure that lab is AABB accredited because USCIS only accepts AABB accredited lab results

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DNA TestPrivate DNA Paternity Testing Lab provides Cheap & Affordable, Accurate & Precise, Confidential & Anonymous, and Hassle Free DNA Testing collected by buccal swab and Blood ... Learn More

Ancestry DNA Testing

Ancestry TestWe are offering an Ancestry DNA Testing to find out that which specific part of the world you belong. Ancestry DNA testing is one way to find out where you come from....Learn More

Legal Paternity Testing

Court Admissible DNA Testing

We offer Legal DNA Paternity Testing and you will be provided with a notarized copy which can be represented in Court in order to solve the Child Support problem and many more ...... Learn More

DNA Testing Services

dna testing san antonioWe offer DNA Testing, Legal Paternity Test, Ancestry DNA Test, Infidelity DNA Test, Siblings DNA Test, Genetic Predisposition,  Immigration DNA Test, Prenatal DNA Test....Learn More 

Infidelity DNA Testing

Infidelity DNA TestBy Infidelity DNA Test we can extract DNA from objects like clothing, gum, hair, pop cans, cigarettes, undergarments, condoms, toothbrushes, and many more....Learn More

Siblings DNA Testing

SiblingshipDNA Testing Lab San Antonio offers Siblingship DNA testing to find whether two people are siblings or biologically related other than the parent-child relationship....Learn More

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DNA Testing lab is one stop medical lab where you can find all desired blood tests. DNA Test not only used to find parents but also DNA Testing is used to find out your ancestral through ancestry DNA testing, find siblings through Siblingship DNA Testing, find cheating husband or wife through Infidelity DNA Testing, provide relation evidence for immigration, prenatal DNA testing of a child not yet born....and many more. Its an awesome lab try it.

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